Portland Graffiti Art

Graffiti as art in PortlandDr. Greed

As a graffiti artist that has been wanting to flex my creative muscles again after a 15 year break to become a doctor and teacher, I am thankful for the help of Jeffrey Miller from the White Space Gallery in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District for the support. After a rather large turnout for my first ever showing of graffiti art on canvas in August, Jeffery Miller has asked me to have another show for January’s first Thursday art walk in NW Portland. The show is on January 2, 2014 6pm at the White Space Gallery.

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Custom Graffiti Chair Collaboration with J Ryde Visuals

J Ryde Visuals / Graffiti Greed custom furniture

Jake Ryder is a cutting edge Portland, Oregon based artist. He is a craft master in the fields of Freak Bikes, Snow board furniture, Glass/Steele combo furniture. He approached me one day about doing a collaboration on a set of recycled snowboard chairs and table. I was So Down to do this! We did this collaboration just in time for my show, “The Doctor Formally Known As Greed“.

For inquires about this set or any other questions contact us.

Recycled Snowboard Chair and table set

J Ryde / Graffiti Greed Chairs and Table

Jake Ryder / Greed snowboard chairs and table

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Portland Graffiti

Greed piece in Portland

Greed one 2012

Greed one 2012

It’s not too often that I do something in Portland, Oregon even though this is where I live. The Mural laws here require that if I want to paint a wall, even with the owner’s permission, I have to get a city permit. Involved with getting a city permit for a “mural” is submitting a detailed representation for approval of what I want to paint. Once the city approves it, it then has to be put up to the neighborhood association of the area where I want to paint it. Then if they approve it the city must have access to the “mural” and it must be maintained for 5 years. Continue reading

Greed was asked how he feels about his style

What does Greed think about his graffiti style?

I was recently asked by someone if I usually liked the stuff that I create? This artist was asking me because they were struggling with their own style. A lot of the time I don’t like what I do… to the point where people like ASIS one would say, “Let me guess… you hate it, right?”. I actually like my work only about 25% of the time… and if you think I’m whack, good!

Graffiti Greed TM7 A3Clouds can have a Rustoleum Silver lining!

I am a perfectionist. I always find fault with my style, my painting, my colors and my skill. This can be a gift though! I am always striving to do better. I always compare myself to the top guns in the graff world… I should be like them! I think that any good artist is their own worst critic. This pushes that artist to improve, to evolve (or be created if you are a fundamentalist christian graff writer). Continue reading

Chalk work by Greed

Irving Street Kitchen chalk board done by Greed

This past week I was honored to hit up the chalk wall at Irving Street Kitchen in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District. What else would I want to do in a restaurant like this but the word “Bacon”!

Bacon by Greed

Greed does a Bacon piece at Irving St. Kitchen in Portland, Oregon.

Bacon by Greed

Greed doing Bacon chalk piece