Graffiti is advertising

A graffiti writer is an ad exec.

As I was growing up in NYC in the 80s and 90s getting up was on my mind. I was by no measure a “king” but I was driven to get known. This was before Instagram or Facebook existed. You couldn’t be an “internet gangster” to be known. You really had to get out there and make stuff happen. Wether you were bombing, piecing, or doing a hybrid of both.

In graffiti, fame is the name of the game

7 line rooftop Queens, NY

7 line rooftop Queens, NY

To get known you needed to get seen! This was an era when the trains were going clean, books like Subway art, Spraycan art and the movie Style Wars had already made a big impression. There were some underground graffiti magazines and they were a source of news for the community. Video Graf was just starting to come out and the graffiti movement wasn’t going to stop! It was like a living being that needed a new outlet to breathe. Continue reading

Colorado Crush Graffiti Festival!

Denver’s Colorado Crush 2013

Ewok - Greed

Ewok x Greed quickie on Sunday after the Colorado Crush

I haven’t painted on a wall in a while because I was working on getting my first show going at the White Space GalleryThe Doctor Formally Known As Greed. I knew about the Colorado Crush for a while and a few weeks before the event I decided to head out for it. I flew in and hit up The Cypher Shop for some paint, grabbed a Smash Burger and got to the walls of the Colorado Crush.

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Greed was asked how he feels about his style

What does Greed think about his graffiti style?

I was recently asked by someone if I usually liked the stuff that I create? This artist was asking me because they were struggling with their own style. A lot of the time I don’t like what I do… to the point where people like ASIS one would say, “Let me guess… you hate it, right?”. I actually like my work only about 25% of the time… and if you think I’m whack, good!

Graffiti Greed TM7 A3Clouds can have a Rustoleum Silver lining!

I am a perfectionist. I always find fault with my style, my painting, my colors and my skill. This can be a gift though! I am always striving to do better. I always compare myself to the top guns in the graff world… I should be like them! I think that any good artist is their own worst critic. This pushes that artist to improve, to evolve (or be created if you are a fundamentalist christian graff writer). Continue reading