Made to stand out

BucketFeet shoes and Scope art

I was honored to be selected as one of only 50 artists to be entered in the BucketFeet shoe design contest. Shoes are voted on and the top 10 will make it to Scope art shoe in NYC. There 3 designs will be selected to have shoe line design with Bucket feet. To vote for “Greed is Good” by yours truly click here:

Greed's Bucketfeet #MadeToStandOut graffiti shoe design entery.

Greed’s Bucketfeet #MadeToStandOut graffiti shoe design entery.

I am the only artist with a graffiti art shoe design! If you want to see more graffiti art fashion vote for my design, share this link with your family, friends and enemies and have them vote daily until the contest is over!

One of my goals is to start a shoe line! Here is some of my past work. Greedy Shoes.