Review: Sugar Spray Paint by Ironlak

Spray Smart, Ironlak’s Sugar Artist’s Acrylic paint

Sugar Spray Paint

Sugar by Ironlak

I call myself Dr. Greed because I really am a doctor, a holistic doctor. I’ve had a lot of health challenges when I was younger and I attribute some of them to years of using spray paint without proper protection.

Since I started painting again, in the past three years, I’ve tried to use a respirator as much as possible because I am very cautious about my health these days. When I heard about Ironlak’s Sugar paint I wanted to check it out as fast as possible. I got in touch with East at the Cypher shop in Denver and had a case sent out. This past weekend I tested it out at North West Spray Day in Washington.

Greed Graffiti

Greed – Northwest Spray Day 2014

Was Sugar Sweet?

The Sugar Paint that I used in the above painting worked really well. I had to shake up the cans quite a bit to get a good consistent color. But once it was shaken up well, the paint stuck nice and flowed smooth even though there was intermittent showers and the wall was a little wet. The low pressure cans worked well for details.

Sugar paint shades of greed and purple.

Sugar paint shades of greed and purple.

Ok, so the paint works well once it’s shaken up well. On top of that I used it without a respirator and didn’t notice much of a smell, spacey feeling, or headache I get from breathing in normal paint for too long.

Sugar paint greens and purples

Sugar paint greens and purples

Will I use it again and recommend it? Yes I will! I’m all for advancements that improve quality of our environment or our lives. Sugar paint does fall into that category! And since it works well on the wall I’m all for it!

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