Portland Graffiti

Greed piece in Portland

Greed one 2012

Greed one 2012

It’s not too often that I do something in Portland, Oregon even though this is where I live. The Mural laws here require that if I want to paint a wall, even with the owner’s permission, I have to get a city permit. Involved with getting a city permit for a “mural” is submitting a detailed representation for approval of what I want to paint. Once the city approves it, it then has to be put up to the neighborhood association of the area where I want to paint it. Then if they approve it the city must have access to the “mural” and it must be maintained for 5 years.

InDaMix Records and the Barracks

Luckily was approached to to a wall inside the Barracks which is an event space that is part of InDaMix Records in Portland. The wall was up for about a year and got a lot of play.

Here is a video of a Natural Koncept event with Abstract Rude that happened in 2012

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