Greed was asked how he feels about his style

What does Greed think about his graffiti style?

I was recently asked by someone if I usually liked the stuff that I create? This artist was asking me because they were struggling with their own style. A lot of the time I don’t like what I do… to the point where people like ASIS one would say, “Let me guess… you hate it, right?”. I actually like my work only about 25% of the time… and if you think I’m whack, good!

Graffiti Greed TM7 A3Clouds can have a Rustoleum Silver lining!

I am a perfectionist. I always find fault with my style, my painting, my colors and my skill. This can be a gift though! I am always striving to do better. I always compare myself to the top guns in the graff world… I should be like them! I think that any good artist is their own worst critic. This pushes that artist to improve, to evolve (or be created if you are a fundamentalist christian graff writer).

As a kid I was also pushed my my peers. I would fucked with because I would bite something out of subway art… then I got better. I would get picked on because of my tags were whack… they got better. Ghost RIS commented about one of my pieces, “why does this dude just have arrows coming out of nowhere?”… then I made sure that my arrows had dope connections. Saint TMR once told someone, “that bitch can’t even do a proper fill-in with his throwies”… I started doing damn good throwie fill-ins. You ain’t doing the TM7 fades right… I got the TM7 fades down. And on it went…

People give me props for my work even if I don’t like it. As I’ve grown I learned to listen to that and put aside my own feelings. I’ve also learned to embrace imperfection in many areas of my life and I think that my art has help with this. I’ve posted some of my old work from the 1990s that I thought was so wack and people eat it up and give me props!

Just remember…

If you are always comparing yourself with the top people out there, good! Hopefully you will  go where your focus is! Look at your work from another person’s perspective. Cortes A3 showed my that if I look at my piece through the camera lens or my camera phone, I would see it as others will see it! Remember to listen to those people that give you props! When Roler TM7, Web TC5, and even Seen UA would say something positive about my work, it would carry me far and inspire me! Even if I hated my next piece and thought I lost my steez!

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