Greed Fashion?

Graffiti Greed heels

While I was going to school in New York, I worked security in a department store. As an employee I received generous discounts which was helpful for me to look good while I was on a student budget. This was where I got into fashion and I’ve had the bug ever since. I always said that if I wasn’t a doctor, I’d want to be in the art or fashion industry… So I decided about two years ago that is exactly what I should do. I got back into painting as “Greed” and I wanted to experiment with some other avenues of art.

I painted a few pairs of heels and this has been a big hit. I’ve been getting inquires and threats to paint shoes for women ever since. I’m going to do a nice little collection of Greed shoes and see where the universe leads me. These are from my “The Doctor Formally Known As Greed” show at the White Space Gallery.

Graffiti Greed Heels

Graffiti Greed shoes at the White Space Gallery

White Space Gallery Portland, Oregon

Greed heels

Heels by Graffiti Greed

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-Dr. Greedy

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