Colorado Crush Graffiti Festival!

Denver’s Colorado Crush 2013

Ewok - Greed

Ewok x Greed quickie on Sunday after the Colorado Crush

I haven’t painted on a wall in a while because I was working on getting my first show going at the White Space GalleryThe Doctor Formally Known As Greed. I knew about the Colorado Crush for a while and a few weeks before the event I decided to head out for it. I flew in and hit up The Cypher Shop for some paint, grabbed a Smash Burger and got to the walls of the Colorado Crush.

Line up -first wall

There was a heat wave that weekend in Denver, 90 plus degree temperatures! Emit DF hooked my up on a wall that he had for the event. The line up was:

Ewok One 5MH

Ewok One 5MH – Super cool dude with a unique style and mad characters!

Emit DF

Emit DF – Always had a dope style and got around in NY back in the 90s.

Jive DF

Jive DF – Another of the DF posse with mad personality in his style.


Jick – A classic graffiti artist. He gets up and doesn’t mess around.

Dr. Greed

Dr. Greedy himself!


Kite TMR – This guy! Classic Queens, NY bomber who is determined to knock out piece after piece after piece!

Miro RIS

Miro RIS – True Queens, NY Graffiti artist who has come back out to paint some paint on the wall and have a good time!


Line up -second wall

On sunday we decided that we didn’t get enough! We went and hit up another wall in denver with Kite, Emit, Miro, Ewok, Me-Greed, Taste, Such and Phetus 88.

KiteEmit DFMiro RISEwok 5MHGreed_02TasteSuch FXPhetus 88More links about the event:

Greed’s video of the Colorado Crush Graff Fest.



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