Artist Toxicity

Graffiti artist toxicity

Continuous exposure to paint is toxic to your body.

Continuous exposure to paint is toxic to your body.

Since I started writing again, I’ve had several writers seriously talk to me about the toxic effects of paint and what to do about it. I had these issues also but I see that it is quite common in our world.

When I first met my holistic medicine mentor over 15 years ago, one of the first things he noticed was my toxicity levels were causing my health problems. At the time I was experiencing fatigue, anger, depression, weight gain, digestion problems, low sex drive and sexual ability, heart irregularities, joint injuries that wouldn’t heal, frequent colds and flu, allergies, skin problems, memory problems, and my brain just didn’t work well. I had learning disabilities and I was failing out of medical school. I was fucked and it seemed like I was on my way to an early death!  Continue reading

Graffiti is advertising

A graffiti writer is an ad exec.

As I was growing up in NYC in the 80s and 90s getting up was on my mind. I was by no measure a “king” but I was driven to get known. This was before Instagram or Facebook existed. You couldn’t be an “internet gangster” to be known. You really had to get out there and make stuff happen. Wether you were bombing, piecing, or doing a hybrid of both.

In graffiti, fame is the name of the game

7 line rooftop Queens, NY

7 line rooftop Queens, NY

To get known you needed to get seen! This was an era when the trains were going clean, books like Subway art, Spraycan art and the movie Style Wars had already made a big impression. There were some underground graffiti magazines and they were a source of news for the community. Video Graf was just starting to come out and the graffiti movement wasn’t going to stop! It was like a living being that needed a new outlet to breathe. Continue reading

Greed Graffiti Art

Here are some Graffiti Greed wood panels that I have done with Molotow acrylic paint markers.

Greed acrylic on wood panel 8"x10"

Greed acrylic on wood panel 8″x10″


Greed acrylic on wood panel 9″x12″

Greed acrylic on wood panel 12″x18″

Greed Graffiti art at Whitespacepdx

Greed Art at White Space Gallery

Greed Graffiti Art

Greed Art

I’m very thankful that the White Space Gallery is exhibiting Graffiti Greed art! Take a look at what they have here! 



Review: Sugar Spray Paint by Ironlak

Spray Smart, Ironlak’s Sugar Artist’s Acrylic paint

Sugar Spray Paint

Sugar by Ironlak

I call myself Dr. Greed because I really am a doctor, a holistic doctor. I’ve had a lot of health challenges when I was younger and I attribute some of them to years of using spray paint without proper protection.

Since I started painting again, in the past three years, I’ve tried to use a respirator as much as possible because I am very cautious about my health these days. When I heard about Ironlak’s Sugar paint I wanted to check it out as fast as possible. I got in touch with East at the Cypher shop in Denver and had a case sent out. This past weekend I tested it out at North West Spray Day in Washington. Continue reading

Northwest Spray Day 2014

Pacific Northwest Graffiti

On May 17th, 2014 about 20 graffiti artists with will gathering at Carlisle Lake in Onalaska, WA for Notrhwest Spray Day 2014. I’m honored to be invited by Justin Boggs, the event planner, to be painting with these other artists!

Northwest Spray Day

Pacific Northwest graffiti art

As a resident of Portland, Oregon, I am excited to have such an event close to town! The mural laws in Portland limit the painting a graffiti artist can do So I have to travel to do street  art. I hope that this event helps to promote graffiti art in Oregon and Washington. Thanks to all and sponsors of this event including Art Primo.

Made to stand out

BucketFeet shoes and Scope art

I was honored to be selected as one of only 50 artists to be entered in the BucketFeet shoe design contest. Shoes are voted on and the top 10 will make it to Scope art shoe in NYC. There 3 designs will be selected to have shoe line design with Bucket feet. To vote for “Greed is Good” by yours truly click here:

Greed's Bucketfeet #MadeToStandOut graffiti shoe design entery.

Greed’s Bucketfeet #MadeToStandOut graffiti shoe design entery.

I am the only artist with a graffiti art shoe design! If you want to see more graffiti art fashion vote for my design, share this link with your family, friends and enemies and have them vote daily until the contest is over!

One of my goals is to start a shoe line! Here is some of my past work. Greedy Shoes.

Portland Graffiti Art

Graffiti as art in PortlandDr. Greed

As a graffiti artist that has been wanting to flex my creative muscles again after a 15 year break to become a doctor and teacher, I am thankful for the help of Jeffrey Miller from the White Space Gallery in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District for the support. After a rather large turnout for my first ever showing of graffiti art on canvas in August, Jeffery Miller has asked me to have another show for January’s first Thursday art walk in NW Portland. The show is on January 2, 2014 6pm at the White Space Gallery.

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Greed Fashion?

Graffiti Greed heels

While I was going to school in New York, I worked security in a department store. As an employee I received generous discounts which was helpful for me to look good while I was on a student budget. This was where I got into fashion and I’ve had the bug ever since. I always said that if I wasn’t a doctor, I’d want to be in the art or fashion industry… So I decided about two years ago that is exactly what I should do. I got back into painting as “Greed” and I wanted to experiment with some other avenues of art.

I painted a few pairs of heels and this has been a big hit. I’ve been getting inquires and threats to paint shoes for women ever since. I’m going to do a nice little collection of Greed shoes and see where the universe leads me. These are from my “The Doctor Formally Known As Greed” show at the White Space Gallery.

Graffiti Greed Heels

Graffiti Greed shoes at the White Space Gallery

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Custom Graffiti Chair Collaboration with J Ryde Visuals

J Ryde Visuals / Graffiti Greed custom furniture

Jake Ryder is a cutting edge Portland, Oregon based artist. He is a craft master in the fields of Freak Bikes, Snow board furniture, Glass/Steele combo furniture. He approached me one day about doing a collaboration on a set of recycled snowboard chairs and table. I was So Down to do this! We did this collaboration just in time for my show, “The Doctor Formally Known As Greed“.

For inquires about this set or any other questions contact us.

Recycled Snowboard Chair and table set

J Ryde / Graffiti Greed Chairs and Table

Jake Ryder / Greed snowboard chairs and table

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