Artist Toxicity

Graffiti artist toxicity

Continuous exposure to paint is toxic to your body.

Continuous exposure to paint is toxic to your body.

Since I started writing again, I’ve had several writers seriously talk to me about the toxic effects of paint and what to do about it. I had these issues also but I see that it is quite common in our world.

When I first met my holistic medicine mentor over 15 years ago, one of the first things he noticed was my toxicity levels were causing my health problems. At the time I was experiencing fatigue, anger, depression, weight gain, digestion problems, low sex drive and sexual ability, heart irregularities, joint injuries that wouldn’t heal, frequent colds and flu, allergies, skin problems, memory problems, and my brain just didn’t work well. I had learning disabilities and I was failing out of medical school. I was fucked and it seemed like I was on my way to an early death! 

 The doc saved my life!

After an intensive medical history asking me all about my health problems, he did some work on my spine, organs, and emotions right there in the office. I was put on a dietary supplement regime to detoxify my body. He had me do a paleo style diet starting immediately, and had me drink 1 liter of water for ever 50 points of body weight per day. It was a major change but I quickly felt better.

After going though this treatment, I felt lighter, like my body moved easier. Life seemed crisper, colors were more vibrant and I noticed more details in everything I looked at. The anger and depression were gone and I was generally happier. I lost weight and my aches and pains improved. My sex life was better. My digestion calmed down and was’t a mix of constipation and irritable bowel anymore. I was able to think with better clarity, I was passing my classes again with studying half as much! Life got a lot easier.

This is what inspired me to go the holistic medicine route in my career instead the sports medicine path that I originally went to school for. Life has a funny way of starting you off on one path and showing you where you are really supposed to be.

I’ve worked with toxic patients for over 15 years now and Ive seen amazing results in my patients. I’ve seen the un-curable cured. I’ve seen people’s lives turned around. And now I notice that right here in my culteral roots people need help. If you want to know more about heavy duty detoxification processes click here to go to my doctor website, If you have questions, you can contact me here.


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