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Greed after his return to Graffit Art in 2011

Greed is a multi faceted artist from Queens, NY. He started painting graffiti in 1983. In the beginning, he admits to going through a few different tags until he consistently started writing Greed in 1990. There were several mentors in Greed’s early days who guided his style and technique. His main influences were Roler one TM7, Waqs A3 (now know as Cortes NYC) and Web one TC-5. During these years, there were also some artists that Greed painted with on a regular basis. These artists included Ivory, Este, Asis, Enuf, and Shone. He mostly painted walls but also worked on rooftops, highways, trucks, NYC subway trains, and freight trains and did some canvas work. Greed painted throughout Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan areas of NY and in New Jersey until 1995. At this time, Greed experienced a lot of pressure from neighborhood crew/graffiti violence. These issues, combined with the lack of meaningful work and the death of his father, eventually made him decide to move to Los Angeles for Medical School. In California, Greed’s only connections were people from his graffiti world: MQUE DMS, Claw TC-5, Just Nasa crew, and Toomer TKO.

 He attempted to keep his graffiti art going while in school, Within a few months of painting in Los Angeles he was “bit” and recieved a profile in the Los Angeles Police Department’s CRASH gang task force unit. Greed knew that he needed to keep his record clean to become a doctor, which he did up to this time with some really close calls.

In 1997, Greed stopped painting and devoted himself to the study of natural medicine. While in grad school for natural medicine, Greed became extremely ill. For several years he suffered from many symptoms which took a toll on his health and school work. At this point, he found an avenue of holistic medicine that was able to help him regain his health, Applied Kinesiology. After receiving his doctorate of Chiropractic in 2000, he pursued a Diplomate degree from the International College of Applied Kinesiology. This would allow him to teach other health care professionals how to practice holistic medicine. Eventually, Greed started teaching across the US and internationally.

In 2001, Greed moved to Portland, OR. It was 2011 when he was commissioned by a local night club owner to do three canvases for the club. Greed was anxious to take on the project even though these were his first aerosol paintings in almost 15 years. Afterwards he realized he still had the skills to paint. With the encouragement of his old friends in the graffiti artist community, Greed started to look for more opportunities to paint. During that year, a former graffiti artist that Greed used to paint with in NY, named Asis, moved out to Seattle. Asis enticed Greed to visit the emerald city and paint. Throughout 2011 and 2012 Greed also painted in Denver, Toronto, and Miami. He has consistently received recognition for his return to graffiti art.

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