Custom Graffiti Chair Collaboration with J Ryde Visuals

J Ryde Visuals / Graffiti Greed custom furniture

Jake Ryder is a cutting edge Portland, Oregon based artist. He is a craft master in the fields of Freak Bikes, Snow board furniture, Glass/Steele combo furniture. He approached me one day about doing a collaboration on a set of recycled snowboard chairs and table. I was So Down to do this! We did this collaboration just in time for my show, “The Doctor Formally Known As Greed“.

For inquires about this set or any other questions contact us.

Recycled Snowboard Chair and table set

J Ryde / Graffiti Greed Chairs and Table

Jake Ryder / Greed snowboard chairs and table

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Denver Graffiti

Dr. Greed in Denver video

As posted recently, I was in Denver for the Colorado Crush Graffiti Festival. Click here to see more.  

I took some video footage of the happenings there. Hope fully you can get a sense of what a great event these guys put on! There was a large attendence form former and present NY artists. Definitely some heavy hitter from Denver, California and more.

Here are some great links to what was going on at the mile high city in the heatwave!

Colorado Crush Graffiti Festival!

Denver’s Colorado Crush 2013

Ewok - Greed

Ewok x Greed quickie on Sunday after the Colorado Crush

I haven’t painted on a wall in a while because I was working on getting my first show going at the White Space GalleryThe Doctor Formally Known As Greed. I knew about the Colorado Crush for a while and a few weeks before the event I decided to head out for it. I flew in and hit up The Cypher Shop for some paint, grabbed a Smash Burger and got to the walls of the Colorado Crush.

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