A3 Graffiti Tour Seattle. Greed, Cortes NYC, Hera Won, Phresha.

A3 Seattle Graffiti Tour

Last year one of my old painting homies, Asis, was living up in Seattle and he was responsible for many painting trips. Since I’m now living in Portland, Oregon the 3 hour trips weren’t bad at all to get some painting done. He also introduced me to Hera Won who has been getting busy in up in the Emerald city too. I met a very talented and cool female artist from British Colombia at a Portland gallery show that she was having, Phresha, we talked and she was down to paint. As my graffiti fire started burning again, my old painting partner Cortes NYC (formally Waqs) started getting excited. We planned a trip to Seattle to get together and paint after more than a decade. It was a great experience! Three walls in a weekend, some partying, some injuries, lots of good times! See the video below!

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