Graffiti without borders

Graffiti ignores race, religious, and economical boundaries

2013 San Francisco Trip  Keb Wand Cortes Greed

2013 San Francisco Graffiti Trip. Keb Wand Cortes Greed. (photo credit CortesNYC)

Since I’ve been involved in Graffiti, or more broadly the Hip Hop movement, I’ve noticed that no mater what your skin color was, your religious beliefs, or your economical background was you were accepted (At least in the NY area where I grew up).

Society has many problems with race, religion, and economical hierarchy but if you were a writer who was of true heart in the graffiti movement, you were family. I grew up in lower middle class Queens, NY and I ran with people who hung in the ghetto and who lived in mansions. They were all equals. Only their personalities determined how they were treated. Continue reading

New work by Graffiti Greed

Here are some canvases and wood panels that I’ve been working on.

I’ve been asked by Jeffery Miller of White Space Gallery in Portland, Oregon to do some pieces.

Greed Wood Panel

Acrylic paint on wood panel by Graffiti Greed

Greed Canvas

Greed spray paint on canvas

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